Tim Melvin

Tim Melvin is a 30 year plus veteran of financial markets. He uses rigorous quantitative analysis based on the principles used in deep value and private equity styles of investing to help investors compound their wealth using strategies designed to maximize profits and minimize risk. He uses in-depth research efforts to uncover special situation opportunities that can profit regardless of market direction.

He has also developed models for building alternative income portfolio that can help individual investors uses income producing portfolios previously available only to individuals. Tim believes that individuals have powerful advantages over institutions but are not taught how to use them. He wants to be the one who help individual investors stop taking entirely too much risk for too little return. Tim is the editor of The 20% Letter and Underground Income.

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Beat The Market With These 5 “Stock Cannibals”

Beat The Market With These 5 “Stock Cannibals”

| September 21, 2022

In 2016, renowned value investor Monish Pabrai developed a simple concept called “Uber Cannibals.” He suggested that buying a five-stock portfolio of companies that were buying back large amounts of their own stock, that were cheap based on undefined valuation multiples, and that fit his definition of quality, would outperform the market. I have discussed […]

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