Guest Post Policy

Want YOUR content in front of a massive group of engaged readers? Want to build solid backlinks and increase your website’s ranking?

You’ve found the right place!

Here’s how to get your content published on one of Dividend Stock Research’s financial newsletters…

FIRST, Write a kick-ass article.

Here’s what your articles MUST include:

  • Your article must focus on the stock, bond, real estate, or other financial markets.
  • Your article must be original content!  That means you won’t be publishing the article anywhere else. DO NOT simply repurpose an article already on your or someone else’s website. 
  • Create a catchy, click-worthy headline to draw the reader’s attention.  
  • Please use proper English grammar.
  • Please structure your article with headings and subheadings so it’s easy to read.
  • Racial, insulting, or abusive language in your articles will not be accepted. Keep it polite and friendly.
  • A good range for a guest post would be anywhere from 1,000-2,500 words in length. However, the most important thing is that it gives our readers valuable information that isn’t a simple Google search away.
  • The purpose of the article is to be helpful and to educate, not to pitch. We know most contributors have a product or service they’re trying to sell.  However, we will NOT accept a giant sales letter of an article. 
  • You may create a simple bio for your company to link back to your webpage at the bottom of the article. Bios should be less than 300 Characters (including spacing and links!)  We allow a maximum of 2 links in your bio. Please include internal and external linking to help with the composition of your article. However, our editors have the right to remove any links at any time, for any reason. 
  • If you or a close family member owns an investment you are writing about, it must be disclosed clearly in the article.  Please include this disclosure as close to the top of the article as possible.  
  • Please include a copyright-free featured image we can pair with your article.

If you don’t follow these guidelines, we will not be able to post your content.

Ready to become a contributor?

Please write your article in a .txt format and email our publishing manager. You must put “Guest Post Attached” in your subject line. Remember to attach the article and your featured image.

Email your guest post to

Keep in mind, our editors decide what to publish. There’s no guarantee we’ll use your submission.

We have a full content marketing calendar but we will do our best to place your submission when we think it will provide the most value.

Looking for something even easier? Keep Reading…


Want to get the most out of your own existing content with zero extra work? Keep reading…

If you already publish content to your own site… get all the benefits of greater exposure and backlinks by Syndicating your content.

It’s as easy as signing up for our Content Syndication Network.

What is Syndication?

Syndication is when you allow other websites to take your articles AFTER they have been posted to your website, and re-post the content around the web.

The re-posted articles include links back to your Original Content. Normally this link says something like “This article originally appeared on “YOURWEBSITENAME”.

Why Syndicate your content?

First, your articles and content will be published on different sites across the internet, giving you exposure to new readership. Oftentimes snippets of syndicated articles are distributed over email and social media too. Some syndication sites have email lists of well over 100K subscribers.

Second, all articles include prominent links back to your website. This can provide “Google love” from a naturally forming backlink process.

Third, we only use articles you have already published… so there is no duplicate content issue, as Google will index your site first! We always note where the article originally appeared using canonical tags.

If you want to provide original content for publishing, please go to the top of this page and read the GUEST POST SUBMISSION GUIDELINES section!

Fourth, having your content syndicated requires almost zero effort on your part. Our team will periodically review your site, pull appropriate content, and republish automatically.

You’ll get an email from us the first time we publish an article of yours. So you can see your work and the impact it has on educated readers!

Before you ask… NO – we do not charge for this service. It’s free to all approved Content Providers.

What’s the next step?

Send us an email with the following information:

  1. Put “Syndicate my content” as the subject line
  2. In your email body, put the phrase “Yes, you can syndicate my content.”
  3. Under that, add your full blog address.
  4. Your First and Last name.
  5. Your contact email address, and phone number.

Email your Syndication Request to

If you ever want to stop participating, just shoot us another email and we’ll remove you from the approved Content Providers Database!